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Hi Everyone,

Well, I just got back from Mid-Ohio and all I can say is “What a weekend!”

In preparing for this race, Scott Fiesler and I worked on putting together the MSR/Gas-Gas package Scott Lowenstein sponsored.  After many “five minute jobs,” it was ready for the dyno.  Once it dynoed okay, we loaded it into the trailer and Scott was ready to race!  My Anderson was already good to go, so I just freshened up the engine a bit and we were able to get on the road Wednesday night.


We arrived Thursday morning and as soon as the gates opened at Mid-Ohio, we made a dash for a good pit spot.  We were in!  Thursday’s weather was pretty nice.  Cloudy, but nice.


Friday morning practice went well.  I made a minor jetting change and felt good to go.  Scott had a few gremlins, though.  He was running second in the first race, and with only two laps to go, the left side caster arm broke.  We were able to repair it, and then during Saturday morning’s practice, the right caster arm broke.  We changed that arm, and I am happy to report that Scott Fiesler was able to finish second in the final of the ICE Class.

As for the FE Class on Friday, I was happy to see some of my old friends from Canada.  Mike Soh and Paul Rhodes, and Sandy Macnie and Roger Lockey were at the track and ready to race.  Mike was on his game, as usual!  His bout with heart issues was obviously not an issue this weekend, and judging from the smile on his face, he looks to be doing well.  He came in second in the FE Final Saturday!  Way to go Mike!

Paul wasn’t smiling as much, as he was having some tuning problems. We were able to help him and he finished a solid fourth in the FE Final Saturday and Jim Brannon (aka Santa) finished fifth.

As for me, I was still chasing Andy Kiker.  I was close, very close, at times, but Andy is an extremely skilled driver who uses “lap traffic” masterfully. I can’t say I blame him, because if I were in his place, I would do the same thing!

However, I did place First in the FE Final Saturday.

This race was a true joy!  This past weekend is exactly why I race.  Talk about the “thrill of racing”...this is it!  I had a great time and man-oh-man, did we party!

As always, a special thanks goes out to my sponsors,  DUNLOP TIRE/RUSSELL KARTING, WISECO PISTON, KELGATE BRAKES and DART KART CLUB for all their support this racing season.

See you guys soon,


Contents Edited June 17, 2008

Update following Mid-Ohio
June 13-15, 2008

Date: 6/17/2008

West Racing News


Contents Edited May 12, 2008

Update following Eagles Canyon, Decatur, TX

April 25—27, 2008

Date: 5/12/2008

Hi Everyone,

I thought you would like to know some of the things that occurred over the race weekend.


Scott, Joey and I arrived at O’Hare Airport for our flight to Dallas.  Since Scott did not make the March Race at MSR, his original round trip ticket was cancelled.  He had to purchase another ticket for $350.00, so he could go to the race.  Once in Dallas, I rented a car from Enterprise that was supposed to cost $99.00.  For two hours of use, the bill was $149.01.  The reason I mention this is to let you know how their system worked.

Firouz Haghighi picked us up in Tyler, Texas.  All I can say is WOW!!!  He has a beautiful place and a HUGE workshop.  Thanks again, Firouz, for all your help.  I really appreciate it.  Once at the track, we set up under overcast skies.


During Friday practice, I drove the track to learn it.  Checked the jetting, etc.  I made a few adjustments, but was still off the pace.  156.00 to 157.00.  I asked Mike Spear for a few tips.  He advised me to adjust the front.  I took his advice and qualified 154.7.  I think I made three laps.  I saw the time and was happy, as I thought I would be somewhere up front.  I think it was good for ninth.

I asked Andy Kiker to take the kart out for feedback.  He was two full seconds faster than I was , and he said the kart handled good.  I knew I needed to adjust my driving style to the kart.


 At the start of the Saturday race, I was able to work toward the front to fourth or fifth place.  As I came around, I saw all these parts across the track.  I knew Jim Brannon was involved in it, as I could recognize his side pod, and I saw Jayce going slow.  I did not witness the accident, just the carnage.  By the fourth lap, the top EGT went to 543oNot good.  I decided to run to try to finish.  I got lucky.  The engine would at times run better, then go away.  I was able to pull out a second place.

An inspection of the engine showed the top ring broke on the intake side (strange).  The piston was not stuck.  I burned the midnight candle and I replaced the top cylinder and piston.  As I was working on it, My good buddy Bobby Butler would from time-to-time lay on his air horn in the motor home.  I was losing my mind!  I was about to jump out of my skin every time he did this!  Scott and Joey  were by my side, helping me with other things, like changing tires, setting the front end and fixing the on-board cameras.


I put a couple of heat cycles through the engine, and took a practice session to break in the engine.  I got down to 151.03, which was looking good to me.  I was getting faster!


I started seventh, and by the fifth turn, I saw Andy going slow by the side looking down.  This NEVER happens.  Well, I started to settle in for what I hoped to be a good race, only to find I NEVER STRAPPED MY HELMET ON properly.  As I would drive, it would float up.  I could not secure it more.  So, I ran with my chin pushing against the front of the inside to hold it secure.  I lead for a lap and you guessed it, here comes Andy, Jayce, and Jimmy Long.  I ran behind for a few laps.  Then my pit crew told me Frank Witmozer was coming.  I pushed harder.  One thing I learned was my Anderson will not turn if you are not on the throttle.  By the end of the race, I got down to 149.3 (not bad).  I also found I needed to add a tooth to the engine.  I needed more speed in the back straight.  I caught up to Jimmy Long.  He said his engine went rich.  I was able to pull out a First Place.

I was quite happy!  Things are coming together.

I want to thank my long time friend Scott Fiesler,  my son, Joey, and Andy Kiker, who is one hell of a nice guy, for their help with my success.  I also want to thank my sponsors, DUNLOP TIRE/RUSSELL KARTING and WISECO PISTON for all their support this racing season.  And Thank You SWRA for all your hospitality.  We’ll be back!

See you guys soon,